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Kensington: The sound of your summer

From selling out arenas to gracing the main stage at last month’s Pinkpop, it is fair to say that Utrecht four-piece Kensington are having a pretty good year so far. Fired up and ready to hit some of Europe’s biggest festivals this summer, singer and guitarist Eloi Youssef speaks to Discover Benelux about getting deep and personal on the band’s latest album Control. He also explains why he and his bandmates are now closer than ever.

As the frontman of the biggest band in the Netherlands, one might expect Eloi Youssef to be rather blasé about stardom. He and fellow musicians Casper Starreveld (guitar), Jan Haker (bass) and Niles Vandenberg (drums) found fame in 2010 with debut album Borders, quickly building a strong fanbase across Europe...

From our cosmopolitan cities to our river landscapes, and from the sandy soil of our polders to our woodlands and lakes. A warm welcome awaits you!"
Jet Bussemaker: The Dutch Minister of Education, Cultre and Science


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