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Discover Benelux, Issue 42, June 2017 is out now!

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Janine Jansen: Utrecht's musical treasure

Janine Jansen brings tears to the eyes of audiences across the globe with her gentle lyricism and poignant performances. Born in 1978 in the Dutch province of Utrecht, she has gone on to become one of the world’s greatest violin players, praised not just for her musical prowess; but for the sincerity and feeling with which she plays. On 28 June, she will play in the opening concert of the prestigious Utrecht International Chamber Music Festival; an event that Jansen herself founded back in 2003. 

This year will be the first edition of the Utrecht International Chamber Music Festival not to be curated by Jansen who, after a very successful 13 years at the helm, decided to pass on her role as creative director to 25-year-old Harriet Krijgh. “It was...

From our cosmopolitan cities to our river landscapes, and from the sandy soil of our polders to our woodlands and lakes. A warm welcome awaits you!"
Jet Bussemaker: The Dutch Minister of Education, Cultre and Science


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