From inspiring international schools to higher education and way beyond, in the following pages we bring you a selection of some of the best educational establishments in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Education is about far more than just supplying knowledge: a good school provides the groundwork for our future happiness and success, and the benefits of studying in Belgium and Luxembourg are numerous. One of the main advantages is that they both are multilingual countries.

Global community

Luxembourg is a diverse, vibrant country, which people of various nationalities call home. This multiculturalism is reflected nowhere better than at the École Internationale de Mondorf-les-Bains (EIMLB). The school may have only opened in September 2018, yet it has already earned a strong reputation, thanks not only to its pioneering pedagogical practices, but also due to the palpable sense of community amid pupils and staff.


In neighbouring Belgium, you will find an array of world-class establishments, new and old, whatever your area of interest. For example, there is Vlerick, which was founded in 1953 and is renowned for being one of Europe’s finest business schools. The Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp is at the forefront of research and education when it comes to global diseases. Their research and partnership with countries around the world has helped bolster their medical services and improve public health, according to their motto of ‘global science for a healthier world’.

A better future

There are many more pioneering establishments such as Sustainability College Bruges (SCB), which was founded in light of the Sustainable Development Goals of 2015. These global resolutions should make our lifestyle more sustainable by the year 2030.


Meanwhile, do not miss our article on the Ghent University Museum (GUM), which will open its doors for the first time on 21 and 22 March 2020. The idea for the museum formed out of Ghent University’s enormous collection of artefacts. Since the university opened its doors in 1817, it has collected over 400,000 official pieces.

Whether you are looking to find the perfect school for your child, are in the process of selecting your next stage of education, or are simply seeking food for thought, this month’s special guide is well worth a read. This array of inspiring establishments will provide the necessary foundations for a prosperous future.

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