Magic coffee beans


Coffee can perform miracles, especially in the morning. When served by ‘t Koffieboontje, coffee becomes magic. This specialty coffee shop in Utrecht is king of the magic coffee beans, serving exquisite-quality coffee, tea, and pastries – all with love for humans and the environment.

‘t Koffieboontje’s mission is to bring high-quality, sustainable (and thus delicious) coffee to the people of Utrecht and beyond. Besides the beloved black brew, the shop also serves tea, smoothies, juices, and light breakfast and lunch.

The black magic water is made from the light-roasted coffee beans from Bocca, a coffee roaster working with sustainable businesses from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia. “Bocca’s story immediately spoke to us,” co-owner of ‘t Koffieboontje, Aziz Boutaga, explains. “They did not start from a commercial perspective, but their passion eventually led them to a successful business. Like our own story.

“We stand for quality, service, and a complete experience,” Aziz enthuses. “All the choices we make, from the machines we buy to the flavours we offer, should contribute to a perfect picture.” Only the kings of coffee machines have found their way to ‘t Koffieboontje, with five different appliances (including a custom-made La Marzocco) adorning the counter. Just like the coffee, the tea served is season appropriate; think lemon in summer, cinnamon in winter. For the true coffee lovers, ‘t Koffieboontje offers workshops where you learn all about your beloved cuppa and drink it, naturally.

‘t Koffieboontje has a broad range of sugarfree, lactose-free and gluten-free products, offered in collaboration with local suppliers. Pastries without sugar, is that not boring? “Not at all! Sometimes we don’t even tell customers upfront they are eating a sugar-free cookie. They never taste the difference,” Aziz laughs.

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