There are many ways to reduce the impact of your household CO2 emissions, but have you ever thought about the items you use in the kitchen on a daily basis, such as chopping boards? Manufactured under high pressure from recycled paper, wood pulp and resin, Finest by ATMK Boards are of high quality and very durable.

Plastic chopping boards are not meant to last very long, and wooden ones are beautiful, but you can’t put them in the dishwasher. Finest by ATMK in the Netherlands provides you with an original and sustainable solution. Fully tested according to European standards (NSF), they offer a robust and wear-resistant alternative to the conventional chopping board. Another advantage of these high-quality boards is that your knife won’t go blunt like it does when in contact with plastic.

ATMK: Get on board with sustainability

A champagne bottle represents culinary capital Haarlem.

Inspired by the Netherlands

The creative shapes of the boards are the brainchild of Karin and Michel den Dulk, who started this venture in 2019. They import the basic material from the United States and produce a product that is distinctively different from anything currently available. The names of the boards are chosen from cities that have a meaning for the family. They are favourite places to visit, such as the often overlooked city of Haarlem (represented by a champagne bottle, as it is the culinary capital of the Netherlands).

ATMK: Get on board with sustainability

A fishmonger presents his fresh produce.

The puzzle pieces that make up Board Maastricht are female and male, making it an ideal gift for a couple. The boards measure 15 x 30 cm, which gives you ample space to cut anything you need for cooking or to display your appetisers. Board Amsterdam is shaped like a traditional canal house, so typical of the capital of the Netherlands. The elegant fish-shaped Board Scheveningen is named after the most famous fishing port in the country, situated a stone’s throw from The Hague on the North Sea Coast (where Michel was born). Karin: “The Hague is our city and also the most beautiful city in the Netherlands.” Of course, this meant creating Board The Hague, a very versatile chopping board available in four different sizes: mini, midi, maxi and mega. The smallest board is 15 x 20 cm and the largest is 27 x 45 cm, so there is one size to suit every need. Board Utrecht is shaped like a hexagon and is reminiscent of the shape of the province of Utrecht, centrally located in the Netherlands. With these boards, you can travel around the country with ease. Combine the different shapes and sizes for optimum effect.

ATMK: Get on board with sustainability

All the ingredients for a great cocktail can be cut on Board The Hague.

Endless options

B2B options are plentiful. For example, they can add your logo to a serving board used for a cheese platter in a restaurant. They can create a branded business gift to have your customers remember you on a daily basis. And, for your catering business, they can even create a unique shape to display your food. The options are endless with Finest by ATMK.

Some boards come with a juice channel, which is extremely useful when cutting meat, fish and vegetables. If you have a BBQ restaurant, you can slice steak at the customer’s table on Board Alkmaar without making a mess with the juices. Juice channels can be added to boards of all shapes and sizes, so don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with the team at ATMK. Anything is possible, and because everything is done in-house, the communication lines are short.

The company is based in Den Hoorn, in the province of South Holland, near the historic city of Delft. It is a true family affair as the Den Dulks often have their children Tessa and Jeroen help out with the various aspects of their successful business. Karin particularly enjoys designing new boards, often together with their business clients: “I take great pleasure in creating custom-made pieces.” A showroom is on site for those customers.

The boards come in either black or light-brown, which is the natural colour of the basic materials. The black board is great for displaying cheese and toast at a party, and the light-brown board would appeal to people who love natural colours.

If you want to make your living environment more sustainable, treat yourself to a user-friendly product and present your food beautifully, try one of the boards from the Finest by ATMK range. You can even have a personalised short message engraved on the board.

ATMK: Get on board with sustainability

Finest by ATMK is a true family business.


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