A memoir of Indonesia


For outstanding Indonesian food, you no longer have to head to the Far East; only as far as Delft. Plan B serves authentic Indonesian cuisine with a modern twist, leaving you full but longing for more.

Proudly based in one of the oldest buildings in Delft (built in 1585), Plan B combines tradition with innovation, serving authentic Indonesian food with a surprising twist. Rather than choosing from a set menu, guests can try either the daily platter, an Indonesian rice table (Nasi B), or a menu comprising five courses (Pelan Pelan). What is served partly depends on the season, and what the local market has to offer on that day.

“We perfectly maintain the authentic flavours of Indonesian cuisine, yet ensure we always add a modern twist,” starts Erik Westra, owner of Plan B. “If you have such a strong base, you can afford to add a surprise element to your dishes.” A perfect example of their marriage between old and new is the deer shank, complemented with coconut and herbs, which creates a taste that is as familiar as it is surprising. The proof that this marriage works is reflected by Plan B being awarded a spot as one of the 50 best Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands by Indoweb.

Westra and his partner Hilde Dianne Marchal helm Plan B together. Just like chef Hendri Yuswah, they are both active in the kitchen and as hosts, a fact that very much enhances the restaurant’s informal and vibrant allure. “Plan B stands for spontaneity, for creativity and for a lively evening,” Westra enthuses. “And that is something we all experience from up close every day!”


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