Ortam BBQ in Rotterdam makes delicious barbecue meals on charcoal, in a luxurious setting that is possible the whole year round.

The restaurant’s unique concept is the brainchild of Aydin and his wife Joyce. “We want to give our guests a real experience,” explains Joyce. “We offer ‘all-you-can eat’, so it is clear beforehand more or less how much a night out will cost.” The barbecue takes place at your table, with stylish gold and copper extractor hoods placed directly above it. Raw, fresh ingredients are brought to the table, and then people can prepare their meals on the charcoal barbecue.The barbecue restaurant offers a three-course meal. The first course is a fresh, homemade lentil soup. “We serve this with Turkish bread and tapas,” explains Joyce. “For the barbecue, guests can pick their own dishes – shrimp and veal steak are popular choices. These will be served with fresh fries made in our kitchen and different vegetables, rice and salad. And for the desert, we use fresh products daily to make puddings such as tiramisu or baklava.”

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Ortam BBQ has two different locations in Rotterdam. “We opened our first restaurant in 2017 at the ´Rijnhaven´. At this location, you will only find 13 tables, so you can enjoy the barbecue in a small, more intimate setting. Our second location at ´The Kuip´ is a lot bigger. We switched the position of the numbers for the tables – here we offer 31 tables.”

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Also, at ´The Kuip´, guests don’t spend the whole night at the same table. With the barbecue at the table, the temperature can rise. So in the new restaurant, Joyce made some changes to the interior. “At this restaurant we also have dessert tables. Once a table finishes with the barbecue they can relocate to the dessert table for the after-dinner. This way, they don’t have to leave and can finish the evening in a nice, relaxing style.”

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Web: ortambbq.nl

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