Since opening in 2012, L’Assiette au Boeuf has become an institution in the vibrant French city of Metz and is famous for its house speciality of ‘Bœuf paradis’. This slice of paradise comprises entrecôte steak served with homemade fries and a heavenly secret sauce. So, what is it that makes L’Assiette au Boeuf’s secret sauce so delicious? Owner Adrien Mougenot, who opened the restaurant along with his wife and their team of multilingual staff five years ago, is remaining tight lipped. “There are 47 ingredients in our special sauce,” he grins. “It would be very hard to recreate at home.” Originally from Paris, Mougenot trained at hotel school in Switzerland and has a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector, including a period managing the Relais Château Le Ksar Char-Bagh in Marrakech.

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