The city hotel that guests come home to


Hotel Arena is an extraordinary hotel with deep roots in Amsterdam and its feet in the grass of the Oosterpark. The monumental building encourages special encounters between ordinary people, as well as ordinary encounters between special people. It is the place where you can drink, eat, work, sleep and dance. Where you chat and listen, discover and explore, go out and come home.

Hotel Arena is situated at the edge of Amsterdam city centre and is accessible through the Oosterpark. The monumental building was constructed in 1886 and, throughout the years, it has been transformed from a Catholic orphanage to a four-star hotel. The monumental ornaments, such as the original cast iron and marble staircase and the restored chapel, have been kept in their original state. These elements coexist with a modern design and vibe, which is visible in the hotel rooms, PARK Café-Restaurant, the alluring Salon, and the creative meeting and event Studios.

Hotel Arena

“We offer our guests an unforgettable experience by exceeding their expectations,” explains Pieter Jan Huizinga, commercial manager at Hotel Arena. The hotel is a great starting point to explore Amsterdam, while also offering much of what makes the city great on its premises. “Not only do we have a beautiful building and interior, we also have an intimate patio, a massive sunny terrace, and the park on our doorstep. The other day, a company that held a congress at our hotel said that they wanted our hotel to become the temple of their business. A lovely compliment for our hotel and service, where our aim is to make our guests feel at home.”

Hotel Arena

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