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When in Amsterdam, do as the Amsterdammers do. Green House Kitchen prides itself on combining healthy cuisine with the art of vaping, seriously delicious comfort food, and artwork. Curious to know more? We thought so.

Green House Kitchen in the heart of Amsterdam is a haven for both health foodies and delicacy aficionados, serving a seasonal menu that makes everybody happy: vegetarian, vegan, raw, paleo, gluten free, and treats for those with a sweet tooth. “All our products are locally and responsibly sourced,” enthuses Celester Roskam, owner of Green House Kitchen. “Our biological wines come from the shop across the street, we only serve sustainable fish, and I have visited the farms where we source our meat. A dietary preference is everyone’s personal choice – knowledge about where your food comes from should be universal.”

Not just innovative on the food front, Green House Kitchen is the only restaurant in the Netherlands offering a vaping experience.“Vaping is breathing in the aromas of herbs and spices via a vaporiser,” Celester explains. “It is fully natural, without any tobacco or other substances.” You can choose any herb that complements the food – think lavender, hops, or even cannabis. So smoking inside is allowed? “Vaping does not produce any combustion hence no smoke,” Celester laughs. “So vaping is done inside, preferably during dinner!”

Besides the art of vaping, actual artwork adorns the walls of Green House Kitchen, with an in-house exhibition space where artists show their work. “That is a win-win situation. We have beautiful art to show, while artists get a chance to display their work.”

At Green House Kitchen, there is healthy, good food, laughter, vaping, sharing, banter, and sugary cheesecake next to organic falafel salad. Green House Kitchen is for everyone.

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