I n the Betuwe region, stress and city noises are just distant memories. The rural area in the Netherlands is, therefore, the perfect destination for a cleansing getaway. At the brand-new Fruitpark Hotel & Spa, you can relax in the lap of luxury while gazing at blossoming fruit trees as far as the eyes can see.

Where most four-star hotels tend to be formal and distant, Fruitpark Hotel & Spa is the exact opposite. Since it opened its doors last month, the family-owned destination in the middle of the National Fruit Park Ochten provides a warm and hospitable experience from check-in until check-out. “We want everyone to feel welcome in this house,” says marketing manager Lisa Geurts. “Therefore, we offer specially-equipped rooms for people with disabilities as well.”

Of course, your stay at Fruitpark Hotel & Spa is more than just a night in an amazing room. During your waking hours, as well, the hotel and its surroundings offer plenty to discover and explore. In the beautiful park, you can stroll between the fruit trees or immerse yourself in the flora alongside a local guide. You might even bump into a mini golf course, hidden behind the blossomy trees, where you can host a little family tournament. To fully explore the unique locations with all your senses, you can take off your shoes and walk the barefoot path which runs between the trees. Inside the hotel, the wellness centre is at your disposal too. After spending a full day outside, the pool, saunas and massage therapists give your body the rest it deserves.

Fruitpark Hotel & Spa | Pool area | Discover Benelux magazine


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