An iron-willed artist


The passion David Demoulin harbours for his trade instantly shines through. He is the founder of Ferronnerie Demoulin, an ironworks studio in Luxembourg province. Combining production work with artistic projects, his studio allows him to push his skills to the limit and create unique iron sculptures. “I absolutely adore creating works of art out of iron,” he explains.

Twelve years ago, he opened his ‘ferronnerie’ inside his grandfather’s old workshop. The decision was fuelled by a visit to Paris, where he found himself staring up in awe at the city’s wrought-iron balconies. “I decided to just go for it and launch myself into this new adventure,” he explains. “I spent 13 years working in a factory, but producing artistic ironworks is where my heart lies.” Since then, Demoulin’s studio has grown significantly and now measures 750-square-metres. He has five employees who work on a variety of projects: notably, balconies and staircases.

However, it is sculpture work that holds a special place in Demoulin’s heart. When he feels inspired, Demoulin will simply go ahead and build the artwork he has in mind. So far, his approach has paid off, and all his works have gotten snapped up, including a life-size bear and a giant wild boar. “If I had waited for someone to order a bear, it never would have happened, so I took a risk. Same with the boar, which ended up in France. It’s the only way to get my name out there. My method is to create first and then sell; I’m not Van Gogh,” he laughs.

With no professional training, Demoulin is totally self-taught. Therefore, he hopes to continuously develop his skills and is always open to ideas and commissions. “I can turn my hand to anything, and the bear I made was my way of demonstrating that.”

Demoulin declares that if he could live by his art alone, he would be among the happiest of men. Stairs, terraces, balconies and balustrades are what keep things ticking over for now, but who knows what the future holds? Currently, he has his hands full creating a sculpture out of corten (weathered) steel, of a hunter recharging his gun. “I live in the heart of Luxembourg’s hunting territory and so that gives me my inspiration and represents the place where I live,” Demoulin says.

Situated in Tellin, south-east Belgium, Ferronnerie Demoulin offers a wide range of products for any budget for both commercial and private buildings.


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