In the vaults under the building there is a cigar lounge and nightclub. Diners can savour cold and hot oysters and lobster, as well as tempting seafood platters, insumptuous seafood bar L’Ecailler, which shimmers with pastel pillars. There are over 230 accompanying wines to choose from. Dishes from the main restaurant can also be ordered.
The talent behind Belga Queen is Antoine Pinto. Having fled Portugal as a 17-year-old political refugee, Pinto settled in Liège, where he studied architectural interior de-sign at the Académie des Beaux-Arts. He financed his studies by working in restaurants. During his impressive career, he has founded over 100 restaurants in Belgium, including Dock’s Café in Antwerp, Pakhuis in Ghent, La Quincaillerie and Pasta Commedia in Brussels, to name a few.

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