In the fast-evolving world of tourism, higher-education provider BBI Luxembourg is staying ahead of the game with its new e-learning master’s programme.

Based in multilingual Luxembourg, and with a student body drawn from a multitude of countries, leading provider of higher education in the tourism and hospitality industry, BBI Luxembourg, has had an international outlook since its conception in 1990. When the first cohort of students begin their studies on its new e-learning master’s programme this October (enrolling students up to early August), the institution’s reach will extend even further.

“Many people in work have never had the opportunity to pursue a master’s but would like to, and that skill level is increasingly attractive to employers,” says Hans de Meyer, director of marketing and business development at BBI’s Luxembourg base. “Family and financial commitments can make taking two years out impractical, so our intensive one-year e-learning course meets several needs and reaches out globally,” de Meyer adds.

During the first ten weeks of the programme, students will cover core topics through online and written resources, after which the curriculum will be more tailored to individual needs and interests. Students will be able to use Skype and other access media to interact with the tutors assigned to them. “They’ll submit projects and case studies just as for our existing master’s programme,” continues de Meyer, “and they will spend three weeks actually on campus here, something we think is important to the overall experience: making presentations, covering selected topics in greater depth, taking part in organised visits, and learning from classes and talks given by speakers who are significant figures in their field.”

That time on campus has another advantage, allowing students to meet people from other countries and cultures. “It’s a global industry,” says de Meyer, “and having a network of contacts with diverse experiences can be hugely beneficial. Simple human contact is vital too – our motto is ‘BBI Luxembourg, the place where extraordinary people come to life’.”

He’s keen to emphasise that the course is not exclusively for those working in the field now: “It should facilitate careerprogression for those working in tourism already, but we think it’s also a route into this growing industry. If students have a bachelor’s degree, and drive, it will help them with that ambition.”


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