The living room with the best steaks


No wonder people like to stay hours at Bar & Kitchen The House, or come back for more. Thanks to the unique Josper grill and wood-fired oven, the meat is tender and, with its wonderful living room atmosphere, offers a Turkish breakfast every weekend. The place feels like a second home.

When walking into Bar & Kitchen The House, or The House as it is mostly called, one can already sense a happy, friendly atmosphere. Hospitality is at the restaurant’s heart and the delicious food on the wide-ranging menu is described as “a mix between a French bistro and an Italian pizzeria, with Turkish recipes” by owners Özer Dönmez and Jacob van Benthem.

For most people in the neighbourhood, this lovely restaurant in the south of Amsterdam feels like a second home. With its affordable prices and welcoming atmosphere, it is the perfect place for locals to dine a couple of days a week. With its wood-coloured details, marble walls and natural daylight, the interior creates a fine mix between a modern restaurant and the classic interior style of a grand-café.

Most importantly, the fine fusion of people makes this place worth visiting. In the early morning, mothers pop in for a cappuccino made with a La Marzocco coffee machine after dropping the children to school. During the day, tourists and locals gather around to enjoy the varied menu with delicious recipes including healthy salads or tasty pizzas. The pizzas are prepared by the restaurant’s Italian pizza baker in the restaurant’s luxurious woodfired oven. Finally, in the evening guests can come for a quick bite to eat with the whole family or a long romantic dinner. With its wide-ranging menu, including appealing recipes such as coq au vin, there is something for everyone.

The House, which opened in May this year, has already earned its name in the neighbourhood. However, its sudden popularity does not mean that the quantity of guests overrules the quality of food. “On the contrary,” explains Van Benthem. “The food has to be made with love, not as a result of mass production. Our meat is coming from a high-quality butcher; furthermore, our Josper grill creates delicious tender steaks. We want this place to feel like a second home to our guests, by creating a cosy atmosphere and food made with love. We want everyone to feel welcome here.”

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