Bagels, coffee and happiness


A place where the issues of the day make way for a moment of tranquillity and something special: at Bagels & Beans, different rules apply. You feel it as soon as you walk through the door.

“We want you to leave happier than when you came in. It’s been that way since 1996, when we started out on Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam,” smiles owner Ronald Bakker. At the time, the bagel was hugely popular in America, but barely known on Dutch soil. Bagels & Beans is responsible for putting it on the map in the Netherlands.

“Right from the start in 1996, we focused on natural products and socially responsible food. That includes coffee beans from a small-scale plantation family in Panama. We believe that healthy, sustainable and delicious go together perfectly. That quality is more important than profit. We approach life with an open mind in a committed but non-judgemental way. We all make our own choices.”

On the menu you can find delicious coffees, bagels, fresh juices, salads and more. Why not enjoy coffee or tea with a treat, or perhaps a bagel filled with goats cheese or smoked chicken and avocado. Freshly prepared, ready within minutes and served with a smile.

“We are big fans of slowing down to leisurely savour the flavour, but we understand that sometimes you are in a hurry. That’s why all our yummy things are also available as a takeaway for home, the office or on the road.”

Are you already excited to visit Bagels & Beans? Good news: there are 22 stores in Amsterdam. From extensive breakfasts, a relaxed cup of coffee or a quick lunch, you are always welcome. Check the store locator on the website to find a Bagels & Beans in the city.

Bagels & Beans

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