TThe Growth Agency is a marketing partner to help you achieve exactly what its name states. The agency’s main goal is to help companies grow their business and increase their revenue. Its weapon of choice: data. “Without data, you are just another person with an opinion,” says founder and Growth Strategist, Eveline Smet. “By basing our strategic plans on different data sets, we can predict and scope revenue.”

“We are both thinkers and doers,” Eveline continues. “Our data scientists and strategists love analysing data and immersing themselves in a company’s market. This deep dive is used to provide the company with a growth roadmap that will be implemented step by step.” A lot of companies today are already aware of the importance of collecting data, but either their data sets are not accurate or they just don’t combine different sets to come up with actionable marketing insights. We help them make data-driven decisions based on cold hard facts.

“With data-driven strategies, we predict the effect on revenue. We helped travel insurance company Europ Assistance – a client with whom we have worked for almost two years already – analyse seasonal data and plot them on their sales figures to optimise the way we invest our media budgets to get the best ROAS. Based on data insights and A/B segmented tests we could efficiently optimise the sales funnels. This resulted in a 14 per cent increase in conversion rate. Together with their marketing team, we create digital and above the line marketing campaigns too. We aim to first optimise the ‘low hanging fruit’, that results in a direct increase in revenue. And like these, we implement dozens of changes in our monthly sprints.”

The Growth Agency, Tanguy De Keyzer, Eveline Smet and Pawel Sokolowski, Discover Benelux

FLTR Tanguy De Keyzer (Growth Marketer), Eveline Smet (Founder The Growth Agency, Head of Strategy) and Pawel Sokolowski (Head of Data).

Alongside Europ Assistance Belgium, other corporates have long-lasting collaborations with The Growth Agency to create revenue growth. “We believe growth is a continuous process during which there is always something to improve,” says Eveline. “We love working with corporates who have ambitious revenue targets, but lack the speed or the resources to implement the changes themselves. We strongly believe that data-driven companies are better equipped for the future and we are passionate partner up with those with the same mindset! ”

Some of The Growth Agency’s recent projects include

— Increasing user engagement and revenue from social media by 12 per cent for an iGaming company
— Increasing revenue from organic search by 20 per cent with technical SEO optimisations for an insurance provider
— Increasing website conversion rate from 3.2 per cent to 7.6 per cent for a Telco

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