If it wasn’t for Stichting White Cube, many young artists wouldn’t be soaring high like they are today. For a decade already, the foundation has been the stepping stone par excellence for promising artists, by forging new connections between them, the industry and their future audience.

Stichting White Cube | Flowers of Amsterdam (mixed media, 2019), Teppo Korte

Flowers of Amsterdam (mixed media, 2019), Teppo Korte

“I founded Stichting White Cube in 2009 to support promising artists who are in limbo between being an apprentice and conquering museums and galleries themselves,” says art aficionado Jeroen van Paassen. “By hosting international exhibitions with their work, we give these creative prodigies a forum in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and a myriad of other countries.” At these cultural festivals, artists not only bump into gallery owners with whom they can collaborate, but they also meet their potential audience. “Our artists guide the visitors around themselves. This creates an interesting dynamic between both groups, which adds an extra dimension to the exhibition.”

Stichting White Cube PLAY Room

After ten years on the road, Stichting White Cube wanted to settle down. “Travelling around is interesting and nice but forces you to start from scratch everywhere you strike down. Making new contacts, attracting a new audience – those things take time and energy. Besides hosting these temporary, nomadic projects, we also wanted to have a place where we can build something more permanent.” With PLAY room, they have created a proper ‘gallery/project space’ in Zaandam, only a stone’s throw from Amsterdam. Every month, its cosy halls house a new, exciting exhibition. This June, the Portuguese painter Paulo Robalo showcases his extraordinary canvases in their midst. In the PLAY room’s workshop, the Finnish artist Teppo Korte allows you to peek into his colourful, yet political, imagination. “We are more than just another commercial gallery. Besides selling art, we fill this house with performances and live music. Locals and visitors are invited to stop by and explore what’s happening inside. PLAY room is an exciting open stage to skyrocket the most promising artistic careers from.”

Stichting White Cube PLAY Room

100% FEMALE:

From 24 to 27 October, the Grand Church of Alkmaar will become a sanctuary for female artists. During Stichting White Cube’s big exhibition, 100% FEMALE, 100 talented women from all around the globe will show the world what they are worth. Through video art, paintings, statues, performances and many other art forms, they express how it is to be a woman in various different cultures.

Web: www.stichtingwhitecube.nl

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