‘Seeds of Law’ isn’t your everyday law-firm name. Then again, it isn’t your everyday practice, either. With its diverse team of talented and specialised attorneys, this boutique law firm helps businesses grow and flourish; both start-ups and established enterprises. “Businesses are the core of our expertise: from corporate, business, tax and financial law to real estate, public procurement and employment law.”

“Our firm’s name explains it all,” says Leo Peeters, partner at Seeds of Law. “With each client, we plant the seeds from which a healthy collaboration and business grows. As well as lawyers, we also like to call ourselves strategic legal advisors, who proactively think about how to improve our clients’ businesses. This, we do best in long-running partnerships. The more we familiarise with our clients, the better the advice we can provide.”

“Our service is way broader than solving the problems one is facing,” continues partner Koen de Puydt. “We also keep a close eye on the general course of events in a business and point out where there is still room for improvement. By presenting an out-of-the-box advice based on these observations, we help to tackle issues that one hasn’t even noticed yet. Often with major benefits for the business, as a result.”

The firm’s strong beliefs in consultancy and guidance does not imply that it is afraid to take a case to court when required. Peeters: “In close collaboration with our clients, we always look for the most pragmatic and economical solution. Often, that solution is one of prevention or conciliation. To businessmen, proceedings are a waste of time and money. Yet, if it is beneficial for our client, we don’t hesitate to go to court. We never settle for a bad solution.”

Despite its clear philosophy and the specific expertise of its lawyers, Seeds of Law is a young office but with tonnes of experience. It saw the light of day mere months ago when the established firm Peeters Law and the successful practice of Koen De Puydt merged. “We’ve noticed that our practices complemented each other,” explains De Puydt. “With our combined expertise, we can assist our clients even better with their legal issues.” With fluent Dutch, French, English, German, Russian, Arab and Spanish speakers in the ranks, and offices in Brussels and Ghent, they now provide exquisite assistance to businesses in Belgium, Europe and beyond.

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Web: www.seeds.law

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