You may not have heard of this law firm for a good reason. Luxembourg-based Wagener & Associés is generally more than happy to remain discreet. Instead, it relies on a close-knit yet international team, which is one of its many strengths. We had the opportunity to get in contact with them to learn more about their practice.

Founded in 1963, this Luxembourg law firm has amassed over 56 years of experience across a range of sectors, staying true to tradition by creating long-lasting client relationships.

Reinvigorating the term ‘boutique’

“Years of globalisation has meant many law firms today function like a retail business, which results in little continuity between a lawyer and his client,” managing partner Donald Venkatapen explains.

Instead, he gives his own definition of what being an independent boutique firm means for Wagener & Associés: “It means having strong, long-standing relationships. We are not one-time lawyers; we dedicate ourselves to clients for the long run.”

Although his years of experience in larger law firms gave him “access to a different type of practice”, it allowed him to shape unwavering values of his own.

Establishing an atmosphere of trust

Starting right at its foundation, Jean Wagener, the founding partner of the firm and past chairman of the Luxembourg Bar, established a key set of values for the client-lawyer relationship and the approach of legal practice.

Those values continue to be followed in practice. “Our firm was founded on the assumption that this relationship should be the same you’d have with your family doctor. You should be able to trust that your lawyer will take care of you and your family into the future.”

These long-standing connections ensure stability in the relationship between their lawyers and their clients.

“It requires consistency over a longer period. It’s easier to practise if you know someone over time.” Thus, more time is dedicated to the clients’ demands.

An international environment

Donald Venkatapen gained valuable experience since becoming a solicitor of England and Wales in 2006 and Jean Wagener as sisted families and businesses based all over the world, including in Asia and the Middle East. Jean Wagener is also a legal consultant in the State of New York and one of the founders of an international network of independent law firms. “Our team of eight lawyers are happy to advise in French, English, German and Luxembourgish, and this international outlook means our client base extends beyond Europe.” Their expertise can be used accordingly regarding Luxembourg business law, employment law and corporate litigation.

Wagener & Associés has operated from the same location in Luxembourg City for over 40 years, demonstrating a reliable sense of continuity.

“Knowing our clients so well means that we can be more proactive and agile with their cases. Equally, we do not hesitate to concentrate in detail on more complex case to provide the strongest advice,” concludes Donald Venkatapen.

Within this intimate firm, clients can be guaranteed both unrivalled expertise and true long-term client service.

Wagener & Associés: Long-term trust and a human connection

Donald Venkatapen.


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