On average, a full-time employee in the EU spends a quarter of their time every week working. The quality of this environment and its dynamics are therefore deciding factors when considering the standard of working life. Improving these factors is where Schäfer Shop comes in. For over 40 years, the company has specialised in producing modern office furniture and office equipment to benefit their clients’ businesses by delivering quality products and tailored services.

Schäfer Shop has become the go-to place for successful firms all over Europe, as it sells everything workplaces will need. The company offers individual necessities for office life, like the comfiest desk chairs and the most practical storage spaces, as well as catering trollies and coffee in bulk — all in one place. With over 100,000 products on offer, it caters to every type of workplace.

Schäfer Shop | The dream workspace, from your idea to realisation

Service like no other

Aside from the fact that it produces all its own furniture in Germany, the store’s specialised ‘Premium Service’ is by far the unique factor which makes this firm stand out from other, similar businesses. It assists businesses in creating the ideal workplace by putting the individual needs and wishes of clients and their employees at the centre of the designs and the furnishing of offices and warehouses.

Everything is taken into consideration when designing your next workspace, from the floors and the ceiling to the colour of the walls to suit your branding, the acoustics of the office and ergonomically friendly furniture. At every level, Schäfer Shop strives to create a motivating and engaging atmosphere during every renovation, tailored to every individual business, whilst guaranteeing planning monitoring and support during every phase of the process and keeping costs to a minimum.

Working together with construction specialists, architects, CAD designers and account managers, all on location for your convenience, the team develops customised design concepts for all workplaces; creative, personalised and innovative from planning implementation and construction. At every step of the way, a team of motivated professionals will help ensure the project runs smoothly, allowing you to implement positive change without having to deal with the stresses.

Schäfer Shop | The dream workspace, from your idea to realisation

From idea to realisation

From the first meeting, Schäfer Shop offers its clients an extended advice, starting by understanding the spaces they are working on and recognising the characteristics and what the possibilities are. The team’s experts can measure the most complex ground plans to ensure every square metre will be used effectively.

Following extensive talks with clients, the designers and architects then create a functional concept to modernise the workplace, taking into account the different functions for every space and how to optimise their uses, whether they are being used creatively by people to share ideas, or offer peace and tranquillity for individuals to focus on their work. By creating 3D displays of the future workspaces, clients can visualise and experience the project before it has been implemented, allowing them to make changes at the most pivotal stage.

At the core of every project lies the ‘look and feel’ of workspaces, and Schäfer Shop always ensures the result suits its client and the business’ identity. By creating individual and personalised concepts in which businesses can recognise themselves, the interior of the workplace further enhances productivity and the sense of personality.

Schäfer Shop | The dream workspace, from your idea to realisation

Once all plans have been drawn up, this vision becomes reality. During the entire implementation phase, Schäfer Shop’s team is the client’s partner, and takes full responsibility for the coordination of the planning, installation and the assembly of the workspace, from offices and reception areas to canteens and conference rooms.

Erik van der Harst, Schäfer Shop’s business development manager, highlights that there are so many possibilities for what workplaces can become: “Often, our clients are so surprised by what we are able to create with existing spaces, and how we can tailor our services to meet their needs.”

Following years of expertise, a strong knowledge in technical construction and by recognising the importance of transparency and trust, Schäfer Shop is able to guarantee the best service for all its clients, whether it is creating a dozen office chairs tailored to special requests or redesigning your entire office, it will always help find a solution for your problem.

For more information on how to modernise and improve efficiency in your workplace, visit schaefer-shop.nl

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