Professionally creating happy memories


An event is not just a party – it is an essential way to tell a story, to present yourself and your products or services to the world. New Balls Please makes sure every event is your best event.

New Balls Please is a Belgian-based full-service MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) agency, organising everything from client events to exhibition stands and from products launches to large, international events. As a live storytelling agency with clients all over the Benelux and a team together having around 65 years of experience in event management, New Balls Please puts the “brand” in “brand new” and the “waaaw” in “waaaawesome”.

Fresh ideas, please

“New Balls Please literally refers to the game of tennis,” founder and co-owner of New Balls Please Michel Van Camp explains. “After a few games of tennis, new balls are necessary because they provide players with the elasticity and power to win an important game. Those new balls provide possibilities and fresh input, which results in a better quality game. That is exactly what our agency does; provide events expertise through fresh ideas, with an extra spice and an eye for detail.”

Live storytelling for every branch

New Balls Please is the proud child of Van Camp, Valérie De Coster and Stein Hoogstoel, all sharing their extensive experience and passion for event planning and management. Van Camp has 20 years of event experience and several national and international event trophies under his belt. Coming from a tourism and recreation background himself, New Balls Please organises events within every possible branch: from medical to automotive, and from telecom to public transport. “Our portfolio is massively diverse. Cases range from a shopping day for Sanoma Media, to a Unilever product launch, to a dealer congress for Opel.”

The focus mainly lies on B2C and B2B events. Events are organised in both Belgium and abroad, ranging from a Huawei staff excursion in the Netherlands, to a TomTom press event in Tignes, France, to an impressive ship launch for DEME in Bilbao, Spain. “We distinguish ourselves as a provider of both national and international event solutions. We have experts in our team who specifically focus on international events,” Van Camp enthuses. “Going somewhere international always gives that extra element to planning an event. It is something you feel every time you get on that airplane.”

New Balls Please’s events are made through the winning combination of service, creativity, and aesthetics – all immersed with a keen sense of detail and a perfect combination of the latest trends and timeless elegance. “A congress, meeting, party, or seminar is something your staff members or important clients will remember. Naturally you work from a specific budget or script, but it is utterly important to keep in mind that the personality of a business must be reflected through an event. You want to stand out as a business. You want to create happy memories.”

Guaranteed experience

The team at New Balls Please consists of eight people, each with their own specialty and background. Together they form an elegant mix of experience and expertise. “I believe that people make your business. All members of our team receive continuous and extensive support. It is the people that have to realise an event – they have to make it into a success. What constitutes a good event planner? Being able to deal with stress is quite an important factor,” Van Camp laughs. “And of course someone has to be service-aimed, creative, handson, and have a lot of common sense.”

Every client can count on the fact that they will deal with someone with a minimum of 15 years’ experience. “All our clients deal with one of the managers directly. We are all still active in the field, are actually still planning and managing events.”

So what characterises a good event? “A satisfied customer. New Balls Please promises an event of exquisite quality where everything will be perfectly taken care of, with an atmosphere and character reflecting that of the client’s business. We truly are a live storytelling agency. I know we promise a lot – and yet we always deliver that bit extra.”

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