Not many event organisers can call themselves versatile and follow through on that very promise. Easyfairs, however, is one of them, as the Dutch based company has organised events in 14 different countries, runs five regional hubs and stands out as a business that is capable of handling multi-format, b2b and public events such as conventions, seminars, award shows, product presentations and so much more. With its newest 6,000-square-metre venue, ‘Next Level’ in Gorinchem (a half-hour drive away from Rotterdam), Easyfairs is setting its sights to the future, offering live events with a panache that is unrivalled.

Operating as a fully integrated and scalable platform, Easyfairs has the pleasure of organising events from 200 people upwards to 20,000. Having several event locations, Easyfairs is capable of handling every aspect of its live-experiences; from staff to catering, to the construction of stands, audio, video, hosts, all the while capable of generating data that can provide better insight for optimal return of investment and return on time. Examples of the more large-scale events that Easyfairs is known for are trade fairs such as ‘Horticulture’, one of the most important events in the greenhouse horticulture industry, and fairs for the maritime industry, too.

Easyfairs | Raising events to the next level | Discover Benelux

Right: Photo: Hans Morren

But Easyfairs wouldn’t be themselves if they were always reaching for higher goals. That is why CEO Jeroen van Hooff is rightfully ecstatic with their latest addition: ‘Next Level’. Van Hooff: “Next Level is the first floor of our existing event space in Gorinchem and as the name implies, we really want to take events to the next level with this new hall. We’ve removed several walls to create this large open, flexible space that has all the latest innovations, providing a 12-metre-wide screen, cinema-quality sound and dynamic led lighting that can be programmed to match a theme or a company logo.”

Van Hooff continues: “Though we can fully manage an event, it’s also an option to rent and have a turn key event, corporate event etc. Next Level is built with corporate social responsibility in mind and thus we reduce waste as much as we can and have added as much green as we could. With 6,000 square metres, it is possible to organise just about anything at Next Level. For example, the combination of a corporate presentation and a party is always an option, and we’re currently looking for partnerships with surrounding hotels, taking away the need for having to drive after an event.”

Easyfairs | Raising events to the next level | Discover Benelux


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