With more and more jobs becoming available in construction, production and logistics, companies are having a hard time finding reliable, skilled workers. NB Personeelsdiensten aims to find the right person for the right job. “It is about so much more than just the work experience,” begins Nick Bruls, owner of NB Personeelsdiensten.

From its two offices in Eindhoven and Elsloo, NB Personeelsdiensten places candidates from the region, as well as foreign workers. “We started two years ago. In my previous job, we found it was hard to find the right people, so I wanted to create a solution. It began for our own projects, but things quickly grew,” explains Bruls. For the construction industry, NB Personeelsdiensten also provides many Polish and Hungarian candidates, who are often highly skilled and have an immense drive. “Of course, language can be an issue. That is why we make sure that their level of English or German is proficient enough to work on a site, not least because of safety.”

Bruls and his team all have a background in the industries for which they match candidates with potential employers. “I used to work in concrete construction, so I know what matters in the sector. In today’s booming market it is more about reliability, rather than your resumé. That’s why we have a strict selection procedure for prospective candidates,” Bruls continues. “We want to know them and be sure that we would hire them ourselves before we present them to our clients.”

NB Personeelsdiensten: It is about the person behind the resumé, Discover Benelux magazine


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