Luxembourg’s Verkéiersverbond (National Public Transport Community) has also noticed this. The agency, part of the country’s Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, has shrewdly noted that “cycling is not about the bike, the gear, the route or even the weather,” nor a person’s ability or physical condition – it is about mindset. This is what the Mam Vëlo op d’Schaff (MVOS) campaign is addressing. It encourages people to sign up in a team of two to four and commute to work or school for at least 15 days, between 15 May and 31 July. “We want to change people’s mentality and encourage everyone to become accustomed to using bikes during the working week,” says Gilles Dostert, the director general of Verkéiersverbond, who has been at the helm since the start of the project in 2005.

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