A creative agency focused on defining strategies for brands and everything that comes with it – that is what Liquid in Bruges is passionate about. A team of nearly 20 talents helps businesses build their brand experience and stories, to create loyal relationships with their customers.

“Without a well-known strategy, you can’t be effective. You can have short-term successes, but in the long term, you aren’t building a brand. Each company should start from that point of view,” begins agency director Nathalie Clauw.

“For example, there are businesses that follow a sales strategy and forget to build a brand. So they have to fight each day to convince the same client. That is where we come in – helping businesses to create a brand and bring out their most valuable brand essence, to find a connection with their customers and build a valuable relationship. It’s about defining their values, and translating them into a strategic communication approach that appeals to each person of their target group.”

Liquid, Where brains storm, strategies unfold and creativity flourishes, Discover Benelux magazine

Creativity is more than just an aesthetic

Most companies have a brand mission and vision. But according to Clauw, most of the time they are all the same; too difficult, not unique and, most importantly, not known or lived by their employees. “In our approach, we dig deeper to find the real reason behind a company’s existence. The big ‘Why?’. This isn’t about the standard ‘unique selling points’, where in most cases quality and service are key. It is about a brand story, with a brand checklist that is unique and more attractive to live by. That’s how to make a difference.”

In nearly 30 years of existence, the agency has built a strategic team with a common ‘Liquid way’ in strategic thinking and creating. One of the main Liquid beliefs is that every company has something unique that can create value – a real DNA. “It is important to look at a company: who they are, what they offer and what are – or can be – the needs of its clients. You need to consider how to appeal to potential clients. A brand is more than just a look. It is an experience that tells a story. And if a company doesn’t have a competitive tale, Liquid is specialised in creating one.”

Nathalie Clauw,Liquid, Where brains storm, strategies unfold and creativity flourishes, Discover Benelux magazine

Nathalie Clauw.

Perception is reality

Alain Boone, managing director, explains it is all about creating a brand that clearly reflects what a company stands for, and the way it is perceived by their clients. “We always say ‘perception is reality. What the outside world thinks of you is true. How do clients look at a brand? What do they think it stands for? And is that also what the company itself says it stands for?” But how can you position a brand in a competitive market? According to Boone, this goes way beyond how a brand looks. “It’s about a feeling and the story that goes with it. We work with different phases and step four is the creative part, not step one. We don’t want to create something just to be creative, or because we think it looks beautiful. We need input from the client to create a personalised brand for a company. It’s about making the right communication for our customer. Their outcome is our success.”

Alain Boone from Liquid, Discover Benelux magazine

Alain Boone.

The journey to the result

“In the end, the result is not just the result. It is foremost the journey, and that is also where Liquid stands apart from other communication agencies. We don’t just follow a brief – it is our responsibility to remain critical and to see things from another perspective than our clients. That is also what companies are looking for in a strategic partner. We are not executors. We question everything, whether a client asks for it or not. Strategy and thinking ahead are important to make sure a brand stays focused and current,” concludes Clauw. “Our tagline frames what we offer perfectly: we get brands into heads and hearts.”


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