Whether it’s corporate events, international expositions, national day ceremonies or theme park permanent installations, Laser System Europe (LSE) is a leader in multimedia show design and production. The company’s creative teams combine lasers, light, video, music and special effects to create an unforgettable experience.

In one of their latest shows, the grand opening ceremony of the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center in Kuwait, LSE went all out. A set of massive screens articulated by robotic arms and interacting with human aerial performers synchronised with waterfall and laser beam special effects to turn the stage into a mesmerising painting.

For owner and founder, Patrick Awouters, the goal of LSE’s shows is to leave a lasting impression on its guests.

“Every time we create a show, we want the spectator to leave with a strong emotion,” says Awouters, who founded LSE in Braine-l’Alleud in 1993. “It should be a perfect blend of music, technique and special effects to provoke an emotional reaction.”

Barcelona NYE 2018. Photo: Nicolas Chavance

LSE’s range of activities is broad, and while they provide technical services and equipment for corporate and private clients, what they’re best known for are their world-class shows, which span from one-time events to permanent installations.

LSE works project-by-project, with independent groups, private entities, corporations and local governments. While they do regularly attend salons to find new clients, most of their new projects come from word of mouth. Their shows have spanned the globe and have included some of the world’s most prestigious events, such as Bastille Day at Paris’ Eiffel Tower, the New Year’s Eve show in Barcelona, the Shanghai Universal Exposition and the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Kuwait.

The company relies on its attention to detail and technical expertise, which it puts towards pyrotechnics, holograms, water effects, mapping, video projection and more. But while technique is of supreme importance, according to Awouters, it’s also about what they do with that technique that sets them apart.

“The big difference compared to other companies is that we do not limit ourselves to offering only technical expertise and material,” says Awouters. “We also provide the content necessary to create a story using different techniques…That’s really our goal, to tell a great story.”

Laser System Europe (LSE)

Kuwait National Science Museum opening ceremony.

Avenue de l’Industrie 24
1420 Braine l’Alleud
Tel: +32 2 331 11 02
Web: www.lse.eu

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