E ffective cyber and network security is essential for companies these days, and having the right tools is vital. Since 2011, KV-Solutions in Roeselare has been advising on security solutions as well as designing and maintaining IT infrastructure for clients all over the world. “Perhaps even more critical than having the right tools, is creating awareness of the need for security,” begins Kris Verstraete, owner of KV-Solutions.

“Roughly 80 per cent of incidents involving cyber security are due to human error,” he explains. For example, they might have clicked on a corrupt link in an email or forgotten to log out. “Making them aware of the dangers and the risks that are out there has to be part of your security strategy.” This is a major part of the consultancy that KV-Solutions offers to its clients. “There are new threats and risks coming up each day. Keeping your staff up-to-date is important.”

Besides consulting on information security, KV-Solutions designs new IT infrastructure for companies, as well as upgrades for systems. For a client in the medical device sector, they designed and implemented security and privacy controls for these devices. “Helping develop products that are part of clients’ cyber security strategy is a challenge, but one we know how to take on.”

“We offer all the tools and services needed to secure your systems and data. But if your staff do not understand the importance of good security, the tools won’t matter. For us, that is just as important as the technology itself. Maybe even more.”


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