An independent law firm with a portfolio of results


Since 1994, KLEYR GRASSO has built a strong reputation in litigation and advisory services with its national and international clientele, before moving to a broader “full service” offer that characterises this Luxembourg-based law firm.

Advising local and major multinational companies from all industry sectors, as well as many of the world’s largest corporations, leading institutional investors and numerous other businesses, KLEYR GRASSO has made a name for itself through the quality of its services and the seniority of its lawyers.

With over 45 registered law practitioners from different nationalities, this multilingual, flexible and accessible team stands out for its pro-activeness, responsiveness and personalised legal services of the highest quality. “What attracts our clients to work with us is the fact that we are an entirely independent law firm with very competitive prices, that provides tailor-made services and has the capacity to handle cases of very high complexity,” says partner Marc Kleyr.

Another aspect that makes KLEYR GRASSO unique is the high portion of senior partners working on cases as opposed to junior ones, as is often the case in large law firms. “We do not delegate our work to younger associates, but we focus on partner involvement, thus putting our many years of expertise to the service of our clients,” says Kleyr. Privileging quality over quantity, the firm has built a name for itself in Luxembourg for its attention to detail and its ‘boutique’ approach. Big enough in size to provide diversified assistance in most areas of law and small enough to ensure personalised services, KLEYR GRASSO’s lawyers can refer matters internally.

The most important practice areas of the firm include administrative law, banking law, civil and commercial law, corporate law, competition law, criminal law, social and employment law, finance law and real estate and construction law. As Kleyr explains: “We have been part of Luxembourg’s legal landscape for the past 22 years and our commitment to provide high-quality service and the extensive experience of our lawyers continues drawing clients to us. Unlike other firms, we do not intend to increase our firm’s size to 100 or 200 lawyers but rather want to remain on a human scale to uphold the highest standards in the provision of legal services.”

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