Building a brand is much more than just having the perfect logo or website. It is about knowing yourself and your customers. “The most important question you have to ask yourself is: ‘What do I want to accomplish?’ Know that, and your brand almost builds itself,” says Mark Caelenberghe, founder of KIXX.

“Our clients think of us as their external marketing manager. We provide solutions and strategies for everything that has to do with branding and marketing, both online and offline,” explains Caelenberghe. KIXX’s team helps you build your brand from zero; starting with a strategy, before coming to a visualisation and then executing the campaign. “Our focus lies heavily on the strategy; think first, act later. If you don’t know where you want to go with your brand, you cannot create a good campaign. Once we know the goal, as well as the challenges that come with it, our team of strategists, designers and digital experts get to work.” Although online is a big part of branding today, KIXX also helps organisations with their offline branding, such as print media and at events.

KIXX, ‘Know where you want to go!’, Discover Benelux

A story does not end after the launch of a product or service. You have to keep telling your story. “That is why we also support our clients after a campaign. Together with them, we look at new ideas and opportunities,” continues Caelenberghe. “It’s important to always keep in mind the aims of each client. If the client knows what their goal is, KIXX will lead the journey to accomplishing that goal.”

KIXX, ‘Know where you want to go!’ - Discover Benelux magazine

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