Anyone with the right mentality and enthusiasm deserves to get more out of their job, not just on a financial level, but on a personal and professional level, as well. This is the motto of top Dutch recruitment agency Job2Work, which acts as a mentor for people looking to grow and reach new goals within a new working environment.

Job2Work prioritises sustainability within the industry by creating personal growth plans tailored to each employee prior to the recruitment stage, highlighting the different stages leading to future stability of their career. The aim of this agency is not just to find its recruits a job, but to employ the right person for the right job, and to successfully understand what suits them and their skill sets best.

It all starts out with ambition and drive, and from this point, Job2Work will find a perfect match with an employer. The agency also invests in its candidates by organising the necessary training, providing professional guidance throughout the recruitment process and by financially supporting its members to attain the relevant certificates.

Central to this model is good communication between all parties. Once in employment, the firm regularly checks in with successful candidates and the employers to ensure the personal and professional targets will be met. Most importantly, Job2Work continues to be a trustworthy point of contact when it comes to conflict and dilemmas both within and outside your professional life, helping you maintain an excellent working environment to focus on fulfilling your potential.

Job2Work: Helping people to get more from their career, Discover Benelux magazine

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