For personal transport that provides style and comfort, Direct VIP Service offers a variety of luxury Mercedes Sprinters. Located in Amsterdam, its specialty is the transport of groups between 9 and 23 persons – meaning they don’t have to be split up into different smaller cars.

Gaby Stroop, part of the management team, explains that the firm’s services are sought after by all kinds of people, from large families to management teams from international companies.  “We treat everybody like a VIP, from families to the president of a global firm.”

The company’s high-end transport offers something different. “We have a variety of luxurious Sprinters – all black with blacked-out windows. Our chauffeurs wear a suit. And we provide water and snacks in the buses.”

Another big advantage is that the luxury Sprinters can take guests to the door of their hotel. “We can provide transport from the airport to a hotel, and back again – even if the hotel is located in the centre of Amsterdam. The big tour coaches can’t go along the canals, but our buses can.”

The company also offers its services for roadshows, where managers go and visit different places all over the Netherlands. “And we can even go abroad: for example, to Brussels,” adds Stroop. The transportation of luggage is no problem, either. “If the bus is full, we can place a trailer behind the bus.”  Direct VIP Service does everything to ensure its guests are at their most comfortable in the luxury Sprinters.

For Direct VIP Service, all clients are VIPS, Discover Benelux Magazine

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