Finding a trustworthy partner who truly understands the challenges your company is facing can be hard to do. Luckily, the Flemish business firm Everest Attorneys does just that. Settled in all corners of the region, their doors are always wide-open for any business in need of legal advice, consultancy or assistance.

“We are problem avoiders as well as problem solvers,” says Bert Bekaert, partner at Everest Attorneys. “We invest a lot in prevention and consultation but also have a strong practice in court. That is where the strength of our firm lies. We are not just there when things go wrong. We are always there for you.”

With offices in Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels, Everest Attorneys is well spread around Flanders. Not only does this make it easier for the lawyers to stand close to their clients and be approachable, but it also helps them to provide a better service in court. “Working locally also allows us to have a better understanding with the judges. It is usually not the first time they see us, and we know how they usually work. That is never a bad thing.”

Their office in Brussels also has a more international focus. Here, most cases have an international touch to it. “That also reflects positively on the work we do in our other branches, as it links us to a global network of law firms. With a team that is fluent in Dutch, English, French and even a few other languages, we are perfectly suited to assist international companies as well.”

Everest Attorneys | The law firm that moves mountains | Discover Benelux Magazine

Nonetheless, the lion’s share of Everest Attorney’s clientele is medium-sized, Belgian companies. “This profile fits us best as we are a mid-range firm ourselves; midway between the more personal small firms and the big offices with their wide expertise. We combine the best of both worlds. This makes us perfectly suited to provide quick and pragmatic solutions for our clients’ problems and to give them to-the-point advice about whatever business decision they are facing.”

Besides purely legal issues, Everest Attorneys also specialises in restructuring businesses. With plenty of in-house expertise on company law, mergers and acquisitions they skilfully help you start a new chapter in your company’s journey. “We also do plenty of matchmaking between companies and private equity, trying to find the right investors for every business.”


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