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Organisations are under constant pressure to run lean operations, to optimise asset utilisation and to ensure business-alignment without compromising service delivery. Using smart data can provide these organisations with incredible insights and enables them to optimise the whole supply chain. Especially within Purchasing Departments, the use of smart data and new insights are key to value creation. CRP Consulting in Bruges helps businesses to gather and analyse the data and to identify new insights to become more efficient.

“Many companies underestimate the value of the (often poor) data they possess and lack the necessary time, knowledge or resources to interpret that data to become more cost effective,” explains Kristof Temmerman. For instance, when organisations merge, the data consolidation is often inadequate, which leads to missed opportunities. Founded in 2014, CRP’s methodology and comprehensive approach has helped renowned companies in a wide variety of industries such as chemicals, metal, automotive, pharmaceutical, and logistics – resulting in doing things differently: more automised, leaner and cheaper, with savings on average between 20 to 25 per cent. These significant savings have led to a surge in the number of projects, which is why CRP is currently developing expansion plans.

CRP Consulting Discover Benelux magazine

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Guaranteed Roadmap to cost reduction

“We use our unique five-step process to create value for our customers and to achieve the best results,” Temmerman continues. “During the assessment, we gather data, check contracts, execute a spend analysis and define both a quantitative and qualitative analysis. The results are summarised in an Analysis Report.” After approval from the customer, CRP implements the Cost Reduction Roadmap by executing and following up the defined strategies: ranging from changing over-specified products to volume bundling, supplier consolidation, global sourcing, re-sourcing activities, supplier development or joint process improvement with suppliers.

Keeping track of savings

The execution and implementation of the new strategy are only the beginning for a company. “How will you know if the changes had any effect, if you do not keep track of the savings?” asks Temmerman. This is why CRP tracks the realised savings during 24 months for each project. “We analyse and report savings on a monthly basis and compare them to the starting point. As such, we guarantee our customers that the projected goals are met by providing organisations full insights into the results of the CRP Roadmap.”



CRP Consulting Discover Benelux magazine


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