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With clients ranging from global luxury brands to small independent boutiques, CreAgency is a master of visual and graphic communication. Based in Waterloo, the expert team specialise in everything from shop window dressing and promotional displays to conference stands and office remodelling.

CreAgency was founded in 2011 by Stéphane Trenchant, a former owner of ready-to-wear boutiques with a passion for design. Before launching CreAgency, Trenchant trained in visual communication and large-format printing, and worked as a graphic designer and project manager in a company specialising in display design for perfumes and watches. Initially, CreAgency specialised in creating displays for the watch industry, with brands such as Casio, Tommy Hilfiger, Daniel Wellington, Bell & Ross, Victorinox and Armani among its list of clients.

A ten-year partnership with Pierre Marcolini

One of CreAgency’s longest running collaborations is with the famous Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini. The agency has been in charge of decorating all his boutiques in Belgium and internationally for ten years now. Every six weeks, CreAgency create completely customised window displays and boutique decor for Pierre Marcolini stores in Brussels, Paris, Monaco and London. “They tell us what they want and give us a budget, then we do everything else,” explains Trenchant. “Whatever idea they have, we will always make it happen.”

Anything is possible

“When we start to imagine a campaign, we think about materials and printing,” he continues. However ambitious the client’s ideas may be, Trenchant and his team will search high and low to find the right elements and ensure a perfect realisation. “There is no such thing as an impossible idea, as we will always find solutions,” he grins.

Made ‘in house’

CreAgency internally produces everything related to digital printing of flexible materials at its large workshop. The company also works with a large network of artisans and specialised technicians such as glassmakers, carpenters and ironworkers. CreAgency install all displays in stores themselves, principally in Belgium and Luxembourg, although they also work in France, England and the Netherlands on request.

Printing experts

Much more than just an agency, Creagency is also a large digital print shop. Open to all types of customers, as a printing firm they can offer many key solutions such as printing on tarpaulins, panels and adhesive film, as well as the construction of LED boxes.

Spectacular displays

CreAgency’s partnership with Pierre Marcolini reflects their most spectacular work, with each new campaign seeing a requested theme being translated into an impressive, full-blown display complete with imaginative accessories. Currently gracing all Pierre Marcolini boutique windows is a romantic Valentine’s Day display made by the agency, with giant 3D letters spelling out ‘LOVE’. “It looks very pretty,” smiles Trenchant.

A range of different clients

The CreAgency team work with many more high-end international brands, such as Jo Malone fragrances and Swarovski, not to mention big Belgian names including leather handbag designer Clio Goldbrenner. As well as working with luxury brands, CreAgency boasts a long client list which also includes well-known high street retailers such as Yves Rocher, Hairdis and Planet Parfum.

Independent boutiques

The agency also works with smaller retailers, including local artisans and independent boutiques. This could be someone with one or two shops who wants a more professional look for their stores. “We can help them to be viewed in a different way by their clients,” explains Trenchant. “By providing them with communication advice, bringing fresh ideas, and using our big brand experiences, we’ll make it happen for them.”

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