Located in north-west Luxembourg City, BYLU Yoga studio offers 90-minute Bikram yoga classes, open to people of all ages and abilities. Yoga instructor Polly Edwards founded the studio in 2012 after discovering the benefits of Bikram whilst at university. “It really changed things for me: I was having problems studying, and it helped me maintain a strong focus,” she says. Each class covers 26 yoga poses, with a focus on breathing. Bikram’s postures are derived from classic Hatha yoga, which has been practised for thousands of years in India. The key to Bikram is that sessions are held in a room heated to 35 degrees Celsius with 45 per cent humidity. Polly emphasises that anyone at any level of fitness can attend the classes and reap the benefits. “We truly see all ages coming here – pensioners come for a good quality of life and to feel well, while others come due to health problems, to lose weight, or to become more flexible,” says Polly.

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