6 June, Delft, the Netherlands

In the spirit of the TED movement, the independent event TEDxDelft is about to enlighten us through eight inspiring talks. With the slogan ‘RE:load your game’, the event will question the theories and facts we take for granted, providing new insights and knowledge instead. Are you ready to RE:think and RE:evaluate everything you know?


Savage Marketing
12 – 13 June, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Savage Marketing is not interested in dry theory or boring speeches. Instead, they zoom in on what’s happening in the sector today and the success formulas of real cases. Go to listen, network and meet your peers over a nice game of air hockey.



Cyber Security and Cloud Expo
19 – 20 June, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In 2019, most companies operate online. Therefore, cybersecurity and cloud ecosystems are everybody’s business. This year, Europe’s leading fair on the topic strikes down in Amsterdam. With both mind-opening speakers and interesting stalls, you will be prepped to protect your company’s online information.


Getting Things Done Summit
20 – 21 June, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
With his bestselling book Getting Things Done, David Allen taught us how to be more productive and realise our dreams. During this two-day event, Allen and 39 other super-productive people from diverse sectors share their secrets on how to become the most effective version of yourself.



Emerce Next
25 June, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
The digital and tech sector changes rapidly. The minute you say or write something, it is often already obsolete. Therefore, Emerce Next is on hand to guide us through what is coming our way. Which technologies are on the edge of breaking through? And what will be the next big thing in the binary world? Alongside pros and peers, you are bound to come up with the right answer.



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