‘A good design is about truly knowing the client ‘


Understanding the clients’ desires, their routines and truly getting to know them in order to achieve to the perfect design, is what drives Marco Tavenier of Bureau MT as an architect. “You can create the most beautiful buildings or houses, but if they do not match with the client, you did something wrong.”

The designs by Bureau MT are contemporary and modern with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. “Comfort is a big part of the design as well. It is not just about energy efficiency and materials.” Tavenier does use a lot of sustainable building materials, such as wood. “Everybody knows it can last a lifetime, but often, people do not see it in combination with contemporary design. I think it brings something unique and personal to projects.”

Tavenier started Bureau MT to create unique designs that are personal to his clients. Before that, he worked for different renowned architecture agencies where he did many real estate development projects. “But I wanted to work more with end-users; going more in-depth with them and designing unique houses and buildings that reflect the client. That was not possible with the bigger projects.” Therefore, in 2010, Tavenier made the step to set up his own agency to focus on private, individual clients. They range from individuals who want to build a new house or renovate their home, to civil societies and church organisations.

In Amersfoort, for instance, Bureau MT redesigned an existing building of the Protestant Church. “We modernised it and made it more welcoming. There is a lot of glass, so people from the outside can look in and see what is happening,” explains Tavenier. “The church is now much more in contact with the neighbourhood.” This is a very important element in the designs by Bureau MT: how a building connects with its surroundings. “The design of the outdoor space goes hand-in-hand with the design of the building. That is why I always include it in my designs.” The same goes for the interior. “A design has to be complete to make it come to life for a client.” Once the design is final, Bureau MT works with trusted partners to build the structure. “You will find me on location a lot, to coordinate the building works until it is all finished.”


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