‘The Tuscany of Flanders’, alongside ‘The Pearl of Haspengouw’, are just two of Borgloon’s many nicknames. They highlight the beauty of the Flemish city, which can be considered small (it houses approximately 10,000 inhabitants), but far transcends its size in terms of art and hospitality. Borgloon is located in ‘fruit region’ Haspengouw, an area known for its hundreds of thousands of fruit trees that in spring bloom as far as the eye can see. In autumn, the branches of the trees bend under the weight of millions of ripe fruits, which fill the whole region with the aromas of fresh, juicy fruit. “You say Borgloon, you think blossom and fruit,” smiles Annemie Pallen, head of tourism at Borgloon. “In spring and autumn, our landscape creates magical moments.”

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