For over a century, Baloise Vie Luxembourg has established itself as a pioneer in Luxembourg, offering exceptional experience and expertise to both local and international clients. The company’s solid market position enables them to provide innovative and customised life insurance solutions to a high-end clientele.

Among their range of services, the life insurance contract stands out as the most suitable solution for succession planning. It provides a personalised solution that allows individuals to tailor their wealth planning and to combine long-term investments from a range of options permitted by Luxembourg law. The life insurance contract also facilitates succession planning, allowing the client to designate one or more beneficiaries in the event of his passing.

Baloise Vie Luxembourg: Redefining the insurance landscape

One notable feature of Baloise’s life insurance is its unit-linked contract, which is without doubt a very popular product and results as a highly attractive combination of life insurance with investment and estate planning. This tool provides a high level of flexibility to the policyholder, namely on what changing beneficiaries entails and continuity of policy by the beneficiaries (by way of maintenance upon death of life assured). It also offers a high level of protection of assets and an advantageous tax regime (depending on the policyholder’s country of residence), among others.

Foreigners tend to be more drawn to this coverage because it aligns with the laws of their country of residence, making processes much simpler. Accessible from different European countries, including Luxembourg, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Poland, it ensures flexibility and provides opportunities for individuals who want to receive financial proficiency. Sandra Bento, Head of Legal, Wealth Planning and Product Management, explains: “Life insurance is an extraordinary tool to protect and structure an estate.”

Baloise Vie Luxembourg: Redefining the insurance landscape

Moreover, opting for Luxembourg as a place to invest is also a wise choice, since clients can benefit from the country’s fiscal neutrality, its financial expertise and a stable political, economic and social environment. The country’s solid regulatory framework and strict financial supervision are crucial for international investors seeking long-term security. Luxembourg also offers unique protection for policyholders, known as the ‘triangle of security’, which is further reinforced by the super privilege. This added measure of protection gives policyholders peace of mind by granting them priority access to the cash value and benefits of their policy in case of insolvency, offering an extra level of security and reassurance.

Baloise Vie Luxembourg: Redefining the insurance landscape

Baloise Vie Luxembourg headquarters.


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