Unlike many other work offices, Aymo Jobs always puts its people first. Through training, motivation and a human touch, they deliver great and enthusiastic employees.

“Our workers are more than just numbers in our database,” explains founder Hulya Aydin. “First, we invite all of them to our office in Rotterdam to get to know them. This is vital for our further collaboration. Afterwards, we keep motivating them as much as we can. If we show that we believe in someone’s career, they will automatically deliver better work.”

Specialised in the regular, unschooled job market, Aymo Jobs also offers its workers plenty of training. This way, they can climb their way up the job ladder. “Our people are mainly good with their hands. By polishing their talents, we prepare them to grow from production assistant to foreman, or beyond. In logistics and distribution, the sectors we mainly operate in, there are plenty of interesting opportunities for those who are willing to work. We believe in everyone who is motivated, and we get the very best out of them.”

Although Aymo Jobs only has one office in Rotterdam, they operate in all corners of the Netherlands. “Companies like to collaborate with us because we are very flexible. As we have such a personal connection with our clients and workers, businesses can reach us 24 hours per day to ask for more top-level workers. Therefore, the industry’s giants like DHL regularly choose us as their partner.”

Aymo Jobs: The most personal work office in the Netherlands, Discover Benelux magazine

Photo: Pixabay


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