In a small region like Flanders, it can be hard to find the right person for every position. That’s why Axintor Interim looks for extraordinary talents abroad. With plenty of expertise in recruiting Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian, Spanish and Portuguese employees, they surpass borders to find you the perfectly-suited staff.

“In many sectors, they constantly struggle to find employees,” says Liselotte Rombaut, founder and owner of Axintor Interim. “Electricians, welders, but also transporters and seasonal agricultural workers. To fill these positions with talented, motivated personnel, we decided to recruit in Poland.” Throughout the years, Axintor Interim’s territory expanded to Romania, Lithuania, Spain and Portugal, as well. “We operate in countries with a culture of migrating to work. The Polish are very willing to leave friends, family and children behind for a few months or even a few years in order to work abroad.”

Axintor Interim, International talent in Flanders, Discover Benelux

To make this transition as easy as possible, Axintor Interim strongly focuses on the guidance of its foreign employees. A coordinator explains them everything they need to know about the Flemish working culture and provides them with a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car and, if necessary, even arranges them a place to live. “The staff of our offices in Veurne, Ieper and Roeselare helps them to set up a Belgian bank account, health insurance and helps them with all their doubts and problems.”

Axintor Interim, International talent in Flanders, Discover Benelux

Hiring international employees also offers advantages galore to the employer. “First and foremost: people who come all the way here to work are very motivated. Even for jobs that are less attractive to Belgian workers (like positions with lower salaries and shift work), our employees are excited to give it their all. There is little to no absenteeism, either, as they prefer to work as much as they can during their short stay here. With things like paid overtime and an insurance for working accidents, the conditions here are also sometimes way better than they often are over there.” Axintor Interim also makes sure that all employees have a basic knowledge of English to ensure smooth communication.

In 2019, Axintor Interim blows out ten candles. After one decade, they have a steady flow of 350 active interim forces at all times. And although its philosophy remains untouched, small things have changed over the years. “We are focusing more on e-recruitment nowadays, and keep up to date with the sector’s trends. We also provide more payroll services. This way, companies can hire their international employees through our office, giving them all the flexibility they want.

Axintor Interim, International talent in Flanders, Discover Benelux

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