The Atelier that never sleeps


From an old carwash to a colourful hub made for great dining, drinking, and dancing; Atelier is Amsterdam’s newest culinary favourite for those not wanting a quiet night.

With a bar, a restaurant and a party location, Atelier has been home to foodies and partygoers from Amsterdam and beyond since its opening in January this year. Located on the border of Amsterdam West and South, in the creative centre the Schinkel, Atelier reminds us of an old garage, in the best way possible. “Atelier proves that great food and great music go perfectly well together,” says co-owner Chris Bauduin. “A DJ during dinner, dinner during a DJ set, dancing while drinking, talking while eating: everything goes.”

Atelier’s seasonal menu is as diverse as its public: from pumpkin ravioli to smoked salmon, and from tuna tataki to rib-eye. The hallmarks of French-European dining slightly shine through, with enough variation coming from Asian delicacies and authentic Dutch snacks. The dining (and dancing) takes place in an industrial yet colourful setting with an unmissable creative vibe. “Atelier is always on. It never stops changing,” Bauduin enthuses. “We are planning on changing our interior and art, and thus our look, every so often.”

Due to its open surroundings and unique creative location, Atelier is a popular spot for events, from large corporate meetings, to Friday afternoon drinks and music festivals. “Our large, free parking area and the fact that playing loud music is less of a problem because of the lack of direct neighbours, makes Atelier a very wanted venue for events of all sorts,” Bauduin asserts. “But whatever your occasion – Atelier is always happening!”

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