Second Home International organises public exhibitions for recreational and international real estate investments in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Each year, over 25,000 potential buyers visit Second Home International and are welcomed by 150 exhibitors presenting properties from 25 different countries.

Investing in (inter)national real estate is on the rise due to low interest rates, reduced house prices and a recovering economy. While searching online for potential properties is common, the market demands a place for face-to-face meetings between buyer and estate agent. Affordable flights to second home destinations combined with personalised interaction at the Second Home Exhibition makes finding the right property easier than ever. Visitors, ranging from entrepreneurs, managers, retirees and others interested in property investments, can be divided into four groups.

Four groups of property buyers

The first group buys a second home for personal use only, as a luxury and leisure product – holiday home. The second group buys their property 100 per cent for investment purposes. Their return on investment is based on a rental fee, a potential profit when the property is sold, or a combination of the two. Buyers who rent their property can expect a return of four to six per cent. The third group is a mix: they use the property themselves and rent it out when the
opportunity arises. This group is expanding rapidly and often rent to friends, family and other acquaintances. The fourth, the emigration group, plans on
living abroad permanently. The main focus of this group is in residential areas and less in locations with a high ‘holiday’ value. Whether it’s an apartment in Austria, a villa in the Cote D’Azur in France, a finca in Spain, a villa in Turkey, or a holiday home in the Benelux, the second home market offers a large variety of products to buyers with various goals and budgets.

It’s not just for the wealthy

Many people fear that second home ownership is only for a select few. This is wrong. The recent years have proved that property investing is one of the most trusted and safe ways to create wealth, and with cheap property markets such as Spain, more and more people can get on the ‘holiday home’ ladder. Property, whether it’s for leisure or for investment, gives you great control and can be a good way to generate an extra income from the rental return on your second home. Buyers from the Benelux are keener than ever to get their hands on international properties – and second home exhibitions can be a great way to get exposed to the many opportunities awaiting.

More information about the upcoming property exhibitions from Second Home International can be found here: Second Home

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