Elegant, timeless and unique design sofas


A sofa will be part of your interior for a long time. So, instead of choosing something randomly, you should buy something that fits your personality: whether it has a sophisticated or a more creative design. At Zetelboetiek in Steenokkerzeel, close to Brussels Airport, Philippe Huenaerts will help you pick the perfect one.

After not being able to find the perfect sofa for himself in Belgium, he found a beautiful, unique and colourful Bretz-sofa abroad. “I thought that Belgium should have its own Bretz store, so I opened the first Bretz flagship-store in the country. Bretz has been designing sofas since 1895. The designs are very original, edgy and exclusive, a colourful addition to your interior.”

Today, Zetelboetiek is also the most important dealer in Belgium and the Netherlands for sofas by Italian design brand Saba Italia. If looking for a refined, Italian style, then Saba might well be the best choice. “They are extremely comfortable and elegant. Saba Italia sofas fit well in every house, as well as in high-end hotel lounges or office buildings.”

Although different in style, both brands are of extremely high quality. They are handmade in Germany (Bretz) and Italy (Saba). Philippe Huenaerts’ love for sofas ensures the best service. “Together, we will look at a sofa that fits your desires, design and budget. And we deliver them ourselves as we want to make sure that everything is perfect, and you can enjoy the sofa for years to come.”


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