Doctor of the Brits


The British prices for plastic surgery exceed the European average royally. Many Brits, therefore, choose to travel abroad to give nature a little hand. By providing exquisite service for reasonable prices, Dr. Serge Van Canneyt is the Flemish saviour for many of them.

If you decide to go under the knife, you should not be a penny pincher. Yet, choosing the most expensive option is not necessary either. Van Canneyt Clinic manages to cut costs while still providing a top-notch service. “In a regular clinic, you must always stay the night, for which they charge you high prices,” the doctor explains. “Since we use very advanced anaesthesia, you don’t feel that sick or groggy afterwards. Therefore, you can just go home after a couple of hours.”

In his private clinic, Dr. Van Canneyt offers plastic surgery in the best of circumstances. With just a handful of patients a day, the institute is a relaxing environment with a very low infection-risk. To top it off, he can perform surgery on very short notice. “We always leave openings in our busy agenda for people who have been to a consultation before but weren’t sure yet. When they decide to do it, we can give them an appointment in between one week and a month.”

These appealing benefits together with Dr. Van Canneyt’s craftsmanship and the considerable price-gap between British and Belgian plastic surgery, make his work very popular in the United Kingdom. “Many English people are interested in getting affordable surgery with us but don’t want to come to Belgium for a preparing consultation. That’s why I opened offices in London and Nottingham as well. There, we can have the first conversation about their expectations and the possibilities. For the surgery itself, however, they do have to cross the Channel.”

Close to the private clinic lies a cosy Bed & Breakfast with whom Van Canneyt Clinic has great contacts. “Those who want to, can stay there for a couple of days after surgery. They offer great post-operative care and prepare healthy and tasty meals to regain your strength. It’s also very close to my home so when a problem occurs, I can be there in no time.” If you bring friends or family with you to Belgium as mental support, the owner of the bed and breakfast is more than happy to recommend them the nicest spots to visit in the nearby cities of Ghent and Bruges.


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