A tailor-made RIB-based yacht, a classical hybrid powered motor yacht, or a 60-metre seaworthy luxurious ship; no matter what kind of wishes you have for your dream vessel, Trimm Design in Leeuwarden can design and engineer it for you. “If you want to be unique and at the top of your game, you have to be innovative,” explains Shantia Fardin, co-founder of Trimm Design.

“We focus on exterior and interior design, styling, engineering and project management for yachts of any size and shape,” says Fardin’s partner Klaas Jan Westra. Together, they founded Trimm in 2008. “We were both working for another company. Over our time there, we found that we could do certain aspects better ourselves,” Westra continues. “We had been working for almost a decade with each other. To take that step together felt right immediately,” adds Fardin. “We chose the name Trimm, because we wanted something that people would remember easily. Trimm is also a nautical term, so it fits perfectly.”

Eye for detail

Within a few months of their start, Trimm expanded their operations, and have been doing so ever since. Westra: “Today, our team comprises about 60 people and we have an office here in Leeuwarden, as well as in Aachen, just over the border near Maastricht.” From there, they work for numerous national and international clients, such as yards and interior builders, but also for private clients. For Trimm, it is all about the details. “We start off with a ‘basic’ drawing and then we zoom in. We take a look at everything from that engineering perspective, to make sure that what we design will work and meets the clients’ expectations.”

Trimm Design, Uniquely designed and expertly engineered yachts, Discover Benelux

Innovation is key

It is one of the reasons why clients come to Trimm; transforming innovative concepts into reality. Take, for instance, their 21-metre Trimm Classic Motor Yacht. It is a blend of timeless design and modern techniques. The classic lined hull and superstructure, richly decorated with teak elements, make it look like the classical exclusive yachts of yesterday. “But the inside is another story. This ship has an all-electric drive system, only supported by a generator when needed. It is one of the first of its kind,” states Westra.

Award-winning design

This is not the first ‘first of its kind’ Trimm has designed. “In 2012, Boarnstream — a renowned shipbuilder — came to us with ideas for a line of yachts: the Elegance. We developed the exterior as well as the interior design, naval architecture and engineering for this,” elaborates Westra. “We came up with the idea of having all the major features (cabin, steering, galley) on the same level. Only the sleeping quarters and bathroom are below deck. This provides a 360-degree panoramic view, unique for this type of ship.” The design was so unique and innovative, that two types of the Elegance, the 1200 and 1300, were named 2016 European Powerboat of the Year and 2017 European Motorboat of the Year, respectively.

Trimm Design, Uniquely designed and expertly engineered yachts, Discover Benelux

Other engineering projects

Trimm also works with private clients in engineering ships, but also in other parts of engineering. One of those private clients wanted a ship based on a RIB boat, where the idea was that this vessel should fit in a specially designed trailer. “But we also engineered a building kit for this — an aluminium ribbon that starts at the roof of the building, then ‘enters’ it and curls all the way through the building to the front,” says Fardin.

Trimm are also at the forefront when it comes to the process of design and engineering. Westra: “Most of our work used to be in 2D and meant that shipbuilders had to do a lot of preparation work. We introduced a software tool for 3D-design, which helps reduce the doubling up of work with builders, because they can see what is needed. And clients can track our work.” Other engineering agencies are catching on as well.

“The best part of our job is the variety that comes with it. Whether we work on a small yacht or a large ship; working with the clients on their initial concept and creating it into the luxurious piece of art they have in mind, is truly great,” smiles Fardin.

Trimm Design, Classic MY, Uniquely designed and expertly engineered yachts, Discover Benelux

Classic 21m MY
— Material: Steel
— Length: 21.60 m
— Beam: 4,76 m
— Draft: 1,26 m
— Water Displacement: 45 ton
— Clearance height: 3,48 m
— Engine: Generator: Volvo Penta, D4-180 (130 kWh), Electric engine: PM 130 kWh, Battery set: 14 x 100Ah, Lithium-ion
— CE classification: Cat A
— Berth: 6.

Commander, Trimm Design, Uniquely designed and expertly engineered yachts, Discover Benelux

Material: Steel
— Length: 16.00 m
— Beam: 4,78 m
— Draft: 1,25 m
— Water Displacement: 35 ton
— Clearance height: 3,48 m
— Engine: 2x Volvo Penta D4-180 with HS63A hydraulic clutch
— CE classification: Cat A
— Berth: 6


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