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Imagine waking up tired every day, because your partner disturbs your sleep with their snoring. Or you might suffer from concentration problems at work because of obstructive sleep apnoea. This could all be put behind you, with the revolutionary SnörEx: a custom-made mouth piece that will give you your sleep back.

“When we sleep, the muscles and soft tissues in the throat relax. The tongue lowers into the pharynx, which narrows the airway, causing vibrations that can produce a snoring sound and sometimes breathing problems,” says Olivier Tielemans, spokesperson for SomnoClinic. “The SnörEx is a world patented tongue-retaining device that keeps the tongue in the ‘day position’ during sleep and therefore stops the problems.”

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea are relatively common conditions that can lead to other issues: feeling extremely tired, being unable to concentrate or suffering from headaches or a sore throat. The relationship between people can suffer too, when the snorer is banished to the sofa, or the partner decides to hide out in the spare room.

“Initially, it’s usually the partner that raises the alarm about snoring or apnoea. They struggle to fall asleep with their spouse snoring next to them, or worry about the interruptions in breathing that disturbs their partner’s sleep. But often, after they have been using the SnörEx a little while, the clients themselves note that they feel more rested after a night’s sleep,” Tielemans continues.

The SomnoClinic is a family business with four locations that has been helping people with snoring and apnoea for 26 years. They offer clients a free initial consultation to discuss their issues with and in which an expert will perform several tests.

“When the client decides to go ahead with the SnörEx, our experts make an imprint of the teeth and start crafting the personalised SnörEx mouthpiece. The exact fitting and manual production is crucial because the mouth is as unique as a fingerprint. At collection , the last fine-tuning takes place and then the tongue retaining device is ready to go. We guarantee the product’s success and have over 50,000 happy customers,” Says Tielemans.

One of them is Jan Olaf Boorsma, who testifies: “After years of searching to resolve my snoring problem, it is finally quiet in the bedroom. The SnörEx is the best invention since the bicycle.”


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