Temporary lighting made to last


No matter what you build − a high-rise building, a ship, an airplane or a tunnel − you need light to construct it. Maxibel in Haarlem produces on-site LED-lighting solutions for every build. “When we say ‘Made in Holland’, we also mean: ‘Made to last’,” smiles Marco Post, founder and CEO.

Maxibel has produced temporary lighting solutions since 2004. “Back then, the European Union decided that light bulbs would no longer be allowed to be manufactured. At my home, I developed an energy-saving lamp that could be used as temporary lighting,” explains Post.

He tried to sell the idea, but when that failed, Post decided to produce it himself. From then on, Maxibel has produced different sorts of temporary lighting solutions. In 2011, the company made the switch to LED-lighting. “LED doesn’t just last longer and is energy efficient, it is also safer. There is no mercury in them and when they drop, which does happen sometimes, you don’t have shattered glass.”

The solutions of Maxibel are being used in all kinds of industries, elaborates Post. “For Damen Shipyards, we developed specific temporary lighting fixtures used during the build of a ship. KLM uses our 30 watt linkable tube light solution when they do maintenance on their airplanes.” Also for Heijmans, a Dutch builder of tunnels, and Nedtrain, which maintains and refurbishes Dutch trains, Maxibel has created specific solutions that meet the needs of the customer.

The temporary lighting solutions are portable and easy to mount and dismount at a construction site, in airplanes or in large oil tanks, during inspections. “We do not produce generic products. Each fixture is tailored to the needs of the client. We work together with them to create the best solution. We pride ourselves in our work and our expert ability to help customers design and build customised solutions.”

Maxibel produces its fixtures in Haarlem according to all European Standards, with a EUR1 certification. “We are proud that we do this here in the Netherlands and because of that, we can handle ‘just in time deliveries’ for our customers – some of which have been with us from the very start – all around Europe and the world,” says Post. “That is why I designed a special ‘Made in Holland’ sticker which we put on all our products. It is our way of telling our customers that this is a quality product, built to last.”


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