A healthy, tasty business card


Although handing out visiting cards or printed pens never goes out of style, they usually fail to leave a lasting impression. Logofruit likes saying things with fruit instead. They print your company’s logo on an apple or pear, transforming it into a tasty calling-card. So, welcome your next business contacts with an original vitamin boost!

In 2005, Karel Paesmans, third-generation fruit farmer, got tired of the inefficacy of his sector. To avoid the auctions, wholesalers and supermarkets altogether, he steered the family business into a new, exciting direction: delivering fruit boxes to companies. “The system already existed in Scandinavia but Fruitsnacks was the first to do it in Belgium,” says sales and marketing assistant Tatjana Philtjens. “We pack our own apples and pears, together with other seasonal fruit, and deliver them to the clients ourselves. This way, we are in control from the tree till the office.” The boxes became an instant hit on the work floor. Especially after Paesmans convinced the Belgian government to make them 100 per cent fiscally deductible.

A few years later, Paesmans came up with a new B2B-product: Logofruit. He selects the best apples and pears from the orchard and prints logos, texts or drawings on them with special, edible ink. “It is a white or blue paste of potato starch and is entirely tasteless and organic. It is comparable to the paste they use to print the ‘m’ on an M&M.” Before printing, they polish every apple by hand, and afterwards, they print the design on it with a cliché. Before wrapping them, they check every apple on its quality. “We don’t only print for big companies. NGO’s, small businesses and even families are equally as welcome. We make batches from just 100 apples to ones of a thousand and more. Recently, we’ve even printed 10,000 apples to ship to Qatar to celebrate the anniversary of their independence.”

The popularity of the printed produce is due to its many advantages. Not only is it tasty, original and healthy, but it is also good for the environment. “We keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. We reduce pesticides by using beneficial insects, we run our installations mainly on solar power and we keep our production local.” To top it off, Logofruit donates two cents per apple to Kom Op Tegen Kanker, the Flemish foundation against cancer. “Karel Paesmans overcame cancer a few years ago. To us, this cause is very dear.”


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