Nature-inspired jewellery that tells the owner’s story


Nature is a pallet of shapes, colours and motions. It is no wonder that nature is a huge source of inspiration for Krista and Grety Vandevelde, sisters and goldsmiths that have been designing and creating beautiful jewellery for over 30 years.

“Stones and pearls are the treasures of nature. Their shapes and patterns are the essence of beauty and the base of our jewellery,” says Krista Vandevelde. “We are always looking for the best gems and pearls. We came across a set of pearls once, that perfectly resembled a pair of breasts. It immediately brought images of a goddess in mind. I created that image out of gold and the pearls.”

The store of Krista and Grety is situated in an old villa called ‘Het Cederhuis’. The glass walls connect it with the nature around it. Their workshop is also situated in the villa, as well as an exhibition room. “We are a team of five goldsmiths with decades of experience in creating jewellery. We all have a passion for perfection.”

Another big inspiration are the clients. “It is their story, their personality and their style that counts as the base for a piece of jewellery. Our designs are custom-made to their wishes,” Vandevelde continues. “We spend a great amount of time with our clients in person to come to the right design. Here in the store, we have a great variety of stones and jewellery, so clients can try them on. Seeing and feeling real stones and jewels gives a much stronger experience than just looking at a drawn design.”

Krista and Grety design all kinds of jewellery such as wedding rings, earrings and pendants. “A uniquely designed ring, with the characteristics of the client and the loved one combined, makes it even more special,” explains Vandevelde. “Sometimes we get requests to design jewellery which contain the ashes of a deceased person. People want to have the connection they have with someone, close by. With deep respect and in all sincerity we create a precious keepsake.”

They also perform restorations and modifications of jewellery. “A piece handed down from a grandmother to her grandchild can be 50 years old. We help restore and adjust them, to keep the piece timeless and in perfect condition.”

Even though both sisters have their individual style, all jewellery by Krista and Grety Vandevelde has one thing in common. “Each jewel is a piece of art and perfection that will last a lifetime, and is as unique as the client.”

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